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--Cat Stevens

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Treading water

Once upon a time in another life I used to swim a lot.  My favorite thing about swimming was treading water, and I was very good at it.  I didn`t understand why so many people disliked it or why expression "treading water" often has a negative connation.  I have since grown up and realized that like most people I prefer to do more than just keep my head above water.  This week I have really felt that about all I am doing.   I am still not feeling well, and it has affected everything in my life from my school work to my fiber arts and even my blog. I had hoped to post another post in my Why I Crochet series Monday, but I was ill and gave myself the day off. 
I have finished the silly purple headband and two small skeins of yarn.  So I only have a couple of snowflakes and another spindle of yarn I started to show you.  I have also finally made some decisions on some secret knitting/crocheting and so I can get started.  I have 3 1/2 more snowflakes to finish before I have to block and finish them all.  I cast on for a pair of socks to practice some new techniques, one of which is sock making.

I cast on for a pair of socks

Awesome potluck roving

Join me at Tami's and Sue's to see some other great works in progress.


  1. Beautiful, delicate snow flakes :)

  2. Your snowflakes are beautiful! Keep up the good work and don't be too down on yourself ;-)

    1. Thanks Shelley! I have enjoyed making all the snowflakes but I will be glad when ireach my goal and can do something else for a change of pace.

  3. the snow flakes are gorgeous, amy!...hope you're feeling much better now. I came across one in little vintage shop that... I love of their beauty and simplicity. :)

  4. What pattern are you using for your socks?

    Your snowflakes look great!