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--Cat Stevens

Friday, March 22, 2013

More Yarn Magic

I spent some quality time with my spindle this week, and I definitely think I am improving.  Spinning is a little like magic.  You take some fluffy fleece twist it up and all of a sudden it becomes something completely different.  Knitting and crochet are pretty magical too but I have little to show you on those fronts, Though I am glad to say I finished my purple headband.
purple headband on me.

I started with 2 oz of fleece for both of these and you can see that I lost much less fleece on the second skein.
This is my favorite picture I think it shows of the texture of the yarn beautifully.

Gorgeous chunky yarn from mud puddle picnic roving.  You can see a picture of the roving and some more yarn I am working on over on Wednesday's post.

I had a bit more black and grey left after I finished plying, so I have tiny mini-skein.
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  1. Lovely yarns! I need to work on my spindle ;)

  2. Yay for your handspun! Spinning takes time and practice...but is so rewarding!

  3. Your yarns are looking great! I love the thick and thin yarn.