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Friday, March 8, 2013

Headbands and Scarves

I  haven't finished a lot this week, since most of my crocheting time is going into my snowflake project.  But I did manage to finish a couple of small things.

I made this scarf as birthday present for a friend.  Instead of trying to guess what she might want I made up a set of coupons that had the following on them :
  •  One evening day of free babysitting
  • One family dinner cooked by me at my house or theirs ( I am sure there will be other dinners but sometimes it's nice not to have to worry about supper)
  • One handmade scarf or similar item in your choice of style and color
This was one of the best received gifts I have ever given, and it was so simple for me to prepare.  I plan to use this technique again.  The scarf below was inspired by a belt/scarf I had made myself in the same pattern, and she admired it greatly and requested a similar one for her coupon scarf so voila.
The yarn used is is knit picks Chroma in colorway prism.  I did 36 repeats of the motif so its more that long enough to be used as a scarf or belt in several different configurations, and I think it turned out stunningly.  I am considering making another one myself in the same color way--with the leftovers.

Pattern Natural Belt

I have been having tons of migraines lately, and had another last night and this morning.  When I finally woke feeling only mildly ill around noon I decided to spend some time knitting and watching reruns of one of my favorite shows  Warehouse 13.  I Learned a new skill---knitting icord which surprisingly easy and made up a couple soft head band which I desperately need since my has been at that awkward length where the front is a bit too short for a full pony tail for quite a while now.  After I got int a nice rhythm my brain began to improve and I cam up with a really cool sort of cable icord head band that is taking me forever to knit and will have to wait until next week for its debut.

Made with this simple pattern

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  1. So nice, I would love that gift too :)
    I've been wanting to make something with the leaves too but haven't tried my hand at it yet.

  2. get well soon, nice job