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--Cat Stevens

Monday, March 4, 2013

Why I Crochet: The Beginning

Perhaps this series is a bit self-indulgent, but I have decided to write several posts about how I learned to crochet and why I love it so much.  I can't really remember when I learned to crochet exactly.  I remember when I was a child that my mother occasionally crocheted potholders or blanket squares.  She was very busy with other things and preferred counted cross stitch to crochet, but I do remember being fascinated by the crochet. I know that my mother taught me some of the basics at my request at least two or three times.  I may have made a potholder or two but I honestly don't remember much.

Sometime while I was at university, I picked crochet up again.  I had been living with my parents to save money and wanted to make some cheap but special Christmas gifts.  I made 5 scarfs between November and Christmas that year.  I think this is when the bug bit me,  but the obsession hadn't really started yet.  I was too busy with with school, work, and World of Warcraft to really immerse myself in a new hobby, but it began to sneak into my life.  When crochet I saw beautiful things either on the internet or in stores, I began to imagine recreating them in crochet.  I also began to think about construction of things. I am certain that I began to dabble in crochet but again I don't really remember.  Store made winter garments had begun to lose appeal.  However, the region I lived in had relatively mild winters and I never got around to making any myself.

After I married and moved to Canada,  I found myself with a great deal of time to myself and I began to immerse myself in crochet. Before long it was my greatest obsession.
I hope that you find this reflection interesting and join me as I continue it next Monday.

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