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Friday, March 15, 2013

New handspun

I haven't finished much this week. I waas hoping to finsih the little cabled headband but it will have to wait until next week. I have two big projects going on write now the first is my snowflakes, and the second is to learn to spin  --to that end I set a goal to spin approximately 3 hrs per week between January and the end of March at which point I will evaluate how it's been going.
So with no further adieu I want to show the yarns I finished recently.

Spun from Blue-Face Leicester top from The Woolery

This  BFL is the more recent of the two yarns as it was actually finished up, washed, dried and skeind over the weekend.  This fleece is amazing.  It feels like I've always imagined the clouds would feel. For me I loved working with it but I didn`t find it to be the easiest wool I have worked with so far.  My experience is quite limited but for this skein I started with 2oz of fleece and my end skein weighs only 1 3/4oz which means that I ruined a good bit of fiber while trying to make this yarn.  It tended to snarl up while I was working and was more difficult to join.  I had worked with a  corriedale wool and the Icelandic wool previously, and of the three I had worked with so far I feel like BFl was harder to control.  Though of course right now I am not very good at spinning yet and work exclusively in park and draft.  Despite the difficulties I am pleased with the progress I have been making.  I am getting better contolling the twit and adding/removing twist as needed.  I still have trouble with drafting evenly but I think that will come with time.

Spun from Icelandic Top also from The Woolery.

This Icelandic wool is not the clouds of dream like BFL, but it was soft and strudy if a tad on the itchy side.  I could see it used in a hat or outer garment but not in a scarf or directly against the skin.  I found the Icelandic the easiest to draft of three wools I have tried so far.  This skein weighs 2 oz and I started with 2 oz of fiber--I lost very little fiber to unmanagable snarls and found it easier to join fiber.

I am not sure what I will do with all my big funky beautiful yarn yet.  I really like this pillow  I made to display my very first yarn wich was quite slubby.
pillow for displaying homespun
My first ever homespun finished in late december 2012

However one only needs so many pillows, and I would love the have something wearable.  Do you spin?  Are you learning to spin?  What do/did you do with your first attempts?
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  1. Hi, I know what you mean, mostly when I spin I end up with a hank that is not really long enough to do much with so they just sit in the stash. I love the texture you've got in your yarn, do you use a wheel or a spindle?

    1. Hi Martine, thanks for you lovely note. I use an Ashford spindle which I received for Christmas. I believe there is a picture of my spindle in this post if you are interested.

  2. Your yarns look great! I really like BFL to teach people to spin on. Not too slippery and has a nice staple length. Everyone finds their own favorite. Samplers are definately the way to go.

    There are a bazillion items you can make with that yarn including hats, scarves, mittens, cowls...just to name a few. The thick and thin chunky yarn will be amazing and you can wear your beginner yarn. You'll be amazed when it's knitted up into a wearable project.

  3. Nice job, congratulations on setting a goal and sticking to it.