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--Cat Stevens

Saturday, March 2, 2013

FO Friday--Except it's Saturday

I haven't written a finished object post in a while and I find myself dithering between the thought that I have nothing worth sharing and far too much that I have finished in the last six months for a single post.  Both ideas are true and false at the same time --most things its a matter of perspective.  Consulting both my brain and my Ravelry notebook I know that I have finished at least a dozen projects since October. Some of them I have forgotten to photograph and some of them have fairly poor photographs, and a  few of them are part of larger projects that require more explanation than I wanted to write today.  My mind works like this often, I see the twists and turns and cracks in the earth and yet completely miss the footpath to my intended destination.   I think I will just share a few of my favorite things I finished in the last little while.
A lovely simple granny pillow that lives on my couch
My first hand-spun knit into a swath and sewn to a little pillow that makes me smile
My first hand-spun made over the winter holidays on the spindle my mother gave me for Christmas
My husband with his dragon hat I made him for Christmas.  My first real effort at tapestry crochet.
My Vampire scarf being modeled before sending it off to my sister.

Vampire scarf again
A blanket square made up with a few Tunisian stitches.  Also my first effort at Tunisian crochet.
A pair of knitted slippers made for a valentines day swap.  My second attempt at knitted cables.

Two new elephant hat samples.  The one on the right was finished last spring and the one on the left a few days ago

Another blanket square for Blankets for Canada.

The most frustrating crocheted socks that I finished for my husband's Grandfather's Christmas present at the end of January and still need to deliver.

This is made up with the pattern Lark by Stacey Trock.  We call him Confundus and he has taken to sitting on the corner of Pat's Computer.

I know there have been a few other projects but I think this is enough to give you and idea of what I've been making.  They are not in chronological order but I hope you enjoy them.   I hope you drop by Tami's amis to see what others have been up to this week.

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