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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowflakes Galore

I have several crafting goals for this year.  I will tell you about those another, but one of them was to learn more about crocheted lace and to make something that could become an heirloom for my family.  My maternal great-grandmother was very ill later in life and spent most of her time bed-ridden and crocheted a huge number of doilies and tablecloths. I don’t know where most of these are—My mother and |I made a quilt to showcase several of them as a gift to my oldest sister at her wedding. I have decided that I would like a set of doilies to pass on to my children (when I someday have them)—but I am not really the kind of person who puts out doilies. So I have determined that Christmas ornaments are the way to go.  I have planned to finish 24 snowflake ornaments, including a rather elaborate tree-topper before the end of March.

These are pictures I took last week that I haven't shared yet.  I have finished 14 ornaments in this photo so far and have finished 3 more this week that I haven't photographed yet (something to look forward to for next week.)  Since these are all part of one project I won't consider them finished until the project is finished.  Also they all (except the topper which is shown in its blocking photo) are unblocked and un-stiffened.  Several of the snowflakes are my own designs or improvisations and I hope to finish up the patterns and publish them in April.  I would

The thirteen finished ornaments together

Snowflake Ornament by Maggie Wheldon
Miniaturized ( 6 in instead of 10-12)  Cut-Glass Snowflake
Snowflower designed by me 

Of Seven and Three designed by me (needs some serious blocking--and I ag

Irish Crochet Snowflake   This one is deceptively simple; it was by far the most difficult of all of the snowflakes
A smaller version of the snowflake for The Pineapple Snowflake Tree Topper.  It's more or less the same doilies without the pineapple points.

Snowflake by American Thread Company.  This one was also quite difficult; it is one of my favorites.
Pineapple Snowflake Tree Topper

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  1. These ornaments are gorgeous! They are real keepsakes and every year you can show them off at Christmas. I actually hang my glass snowflakes all winter long in my windows at our ski cabin. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.