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--Cat Stevens

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday: hats, buttons and more

Since last week was Knit Crochet Design Week I didn't do my WIP Wednesday post.  This week I am back to regularly scheduled programming and ready to show you what's been keeping me busy.

Chart for Mel's afghan:

The chart is pretty much done.  Now I need to test it.

A second Elephant Hat:
This elephant has a 14 inch circumference and so will fit babies with a a 15-17 inch head ( around 3-9 months)

IT will probably done for Friday so you can see it.

Hat for Me:

I am kind of free forming a beret style hat for my self.
I am probably going to have to pull back quite a ways and try again because I think the band is going to be too small.

Steamer Chest:
I was hoping that this would be done by Friday so I could reclaim my dining room but I am not sure that's going to happen.  We've had some set backs on it as well.  

Buttons are so much fun.  I have been experimenting with different finishes and painting.  If I have time to seal them some of these may be ready for Friday.  These are pretty simple but I am considering a tutorial on how to make them.  Would any of you be interested?

These little  people are super cute but I am not sure how I'll be able to attach them 
without obscuring the faces

I usually listen to  various audio books while crochet and doing other work around the house so I am always reading or listening to something.  This week it has been  Broken by Kelley Armstrong and Every Which Way but Dead by Kim Harrison.

As a huge fan of urban fantasy I would recommend both series wholeheartedly but recommend you read them in order ( unless you're like me and read them in whatever order you can get them from the library).  Reading them out of order is not too bad but has left a few strange gaps in the story line as hop around.

Broken is book 6 in Kelly Armstrong's  Women of the Otherworld Series.  I have read most of the other books and of the two series this is by far the easier to read out of order.  Broken opens with Elena Michaels, the world's only female werewolf about 6 weeks pregnant.  The reader gets to follow along her crazy pregnancy as she deals with the pressure of changing into a wolf bi-weekly, terrifying nightmares, overprotective pack-mates and many more pregnancy issues.  As the story progresses a Elena accidentally opens a dimensional portal near downtown Toronto and has to deal with a rogue, sorcerer, dimensional zombies, and figuring out how to close the portal.  What I especially love about these books is that Kelley's female characters are neither so buff and independent that they seem like Superman, neither are they wimpy, ditzy, silly girls that either excell by pure luck  ( think Stephanie Plum) nor do they constantly need rescuing ( like Cassandra Palmer).  I love the way Armstrong portrays all of the character's as strong individual made better by teamwork.
Every Which Way But Dead is book 3 in Kim Harrison's  Hallows Series.  The Hallows series features Rachel Mariana Morgan, smart, sexy, powerful witch who always seems to get herself into a ton of trouble just trying to survive and protect her friends.  Book 3 opens just after Rachel has made a deal with a demon to help put Cincinnati's master vampire behind bars for murder.  Rachel manages to become the demon's familiar, break the familiar bond, get pulled in the demon ream The Everafter, and escape, with each twist of the plot simultaneously getting her out of immediate trouble and causing even more long-term damage to both her reputation and her ability to live a normal life.
 What have you been working on this week?  Come and visit Tamis Amis, Ambassador crochet, Frontier Dreams or Ginny's Yarn Along to join in the fun.


  1. Hey Amy; I would definitely be interested if you did a tutorial on how you made those buttons, they are adorable. Good job!

    1. Hi Heather, Thanks for your reply I will definitely be considering a tutorial for the buttons.

  2. Great projects! The buttons are beautiful and I always am looking for them for my cardigans :)

  3. Is the chart from some particular piece of music? I've done a bit of tapestry crochet (not in years) and enjoyed it very much. I've charted my own designs and used cross-stitch patterns too.

    1. The chart is the first measure of this, with a little modification to make it easier to crochet. It is one of my sister Mel's favorite bass solos and I am planning use it as the center panel of an afghan for her.

  4. My! You have been busy. Confused by the crochet chart, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    1. The chart is designed to be worked in tapestry crochet. Each block on the chart represents one stitch. In this case I will be working only two colors black and white so it should be fairly straight forward.

  5. WOW! You have a lot of talents! I love the music chart you're working on! And, the trunk refinish looks really cool!

  6. I love seeing projects other than crochet! The chest looks amazing. You are very talented and I can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday. I look forward to seeing/reading more.

  7. My goodness! There's a lot going on in your house. The elephant hat is very sweet.

  8. Thanks all for your sweet comments. I love making things and it is really fun to share them with all of you.

  9. You have been a busy bee! :)
    Your second elephant hat is so cute! The colour is just adorable. And the buttons that you made are amazing! I'd definitely be interested in seeing a tutorial for them.

  10. Okay, that elephant hat is darling! And you are a busy, busy, wonderfully crafty woman! Oh, and I love making buttons too :-)