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--Cat Stevens

Monday, March 5, 2012

Reflections on February

If January was amazing, then February was good.  In February I feel like I managed to get into the swing of working hard everyday without burning out.  I developed a system for keeping track of all the things I am working on and I managed to average two blog posts a week for the month despite not managing to get out a single post last week.   I am starting though to get the feeling of sameness that comes before I usually crash and burn.  Sometimes, I get up and think what's the point of doing x, there'll just be more to do when I am done.
It's kind of amazing by lowering my expectations,  I have actually improved my  result.  I fear though that I lack direction.  I think it is time  for goals...  not big massive goals like I used to make...instead I think it is time for me to start making tiny goals.  My daily to do list is already a sort of  informal goal list and it's been working well for me.  But I think I would like to make a more formal goal  a I will do x everyday for x amount of time kind of goal.   I think I am ready because instead of dread or worrying I will screw it up I am excited.
Enough about goals.  Lets see what I've been doing for the past month.  Some of these photos you've seen and some are on the queue of things I still need to blog about.

I finished Noah's Ark early in February

Conversation heart letters were written and received with glee.

My super simple Valentine's dinner.

The cutest bird hat ever.

An adorable hat and diaper cover

A bad picture of some homemade buttons

chocolate peanut butter shapes
A lovely set of ombre hand towels.

March is my favorite month of the whole year.  I was born in march and when I was little I thought that the month of March had been made just special for me.  You see when I was in kindergarten I learned about this amazing holiday that everyone celebrates by wearing green and making awesome Irish food.  And since I was little and easily confused I decided that since St. Patrick's day was near my birthday, green was my favorite color, and I loved corned beef that the holiday must have been created especially for me.
March also brings us nearer to my other favorite holiday  Easter.  Plus it usually starts getting warmer and greener, two things I am very much a fan of.  So I am excited for March.

Hopefully you are excited for  March too.  I have lots of great things planned for March.  I am going to show you guys how to put a faux leather finish on an old steamer trunk, and how to make homemade buttons. I am considering participating in Knit and Crochet Design Week.  I also want to share some recipes, and show you some of the other projects I am working on.  So Check back soon.

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