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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design Week Day 3: Yarn Troubles

I have a very specific set of things I was looking for in a yarn for this project:

  • A medium-heavy worsted weight--  for working up quickly and ease of substitution
  • Color-- I would like to use a yarn that's available in a variety of colors so I can easily do custom orders--but I especially want the yarn to have a great shade of light grey
  • Availability and cost--I want a yarn that I can find easily either online or in my LYS and that is relatively inexpensive
  • Wahsability--Here I am not sure and might need some input.  I know hats don't need super frequent washing and are pretty easy to hand wash.  But I am planning to make sizes baby-child eventually.  I know that many parents are overwhelmed and will probably prefer to be able to just throw the hat in the washing machine.

I have had a yarn in mind for my elephant since I came up with the idea,  Knit One, Crochet Too Cotonade in Stone. I had some my stash and it has a lovely texture that I thought would be nice for the elephant.
I have run into a major snag. It's been discontinued, and I have less in my stash that I originally thought.  I also realized that while it's machine washable it has to be laid flat to dry.

I am thinking of switching to using Knitpicks Brava, mostly because it's inexpensive and easily available.  I don't love acrylic though, and  I would need  to order me which means I won't be able to finish up a sample this week :(.  I don't know, I have spent a lot of time and thought thinking about this and I am not sure what yarn to use.   I guess I need some input.  What yarn would you use?


  1. In my experience, parents do prefer a machine washable yarn.

    Although, you could do the sample in a non-machine washable, and list some other suitable substitutions if someone wants a washable yarn...

  2. I agree, washable is best although there are some who would rather the yarn be more natural thus don't mind taking time to do the hand washing.
    Usually when I make something - I use icky yarn first and then for the final piece I'll use the 'good' yarn.