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Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished Object Friday: Photo Props

I have only finished a couple of things this week. At the beginning of February, I shared a Noah's Ark Afghan, that I made for my friend Angie.  After I finished it and gave it to her, she asked if I could make her a couple of photo props for new born pictures.  
I made a pink and green diaper cover and hat.  And a turtle shell and matching hat. So here they are:

Diaper cover and Hat

Turtle shell and hat

Turtle shell

Come join me at Tamis Amis to see more Great finished objects.


  1. ???Photo props? I'm not understanding what you mean. Are these hats that can be worn, or just decorative? And the square, and round item...what are they? I'm curious.

    1. Hi Sandy, I am sorry if I was confusing. Oftentimes parents/photographers want things to help make newborn photos more interesting especially when working with sleeping babies. The hats are totally functional and will probably be worn often outside of the photo session. The pink folded over square is a diaper cover/soaker although this particular style is better worn over disposable diapers and is more decorative than functional. The last item is a turtle shell similar to this. And is basically a small "blanket" shaped like a turtle shell that can be draped over a sleeping babies back.

  2. Thanks Amy, I was totally clueless. Things are sooooooooo differnt these days. Back in the dark ages when my DD was little, we simply took pictures...except maybe around Christmas they'd put a Christmas something with the baby. lol You learn new things everyday.