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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tutorial: Garbage Can Monster

 One of the favorite characters of my childhood was Oscar the Grouch.  One day when visiting the store I saw a display of Garbage Candy and I knew I had to make a tiny Oscar.  It is quite simple and the same techniques could easily be used to make other tiny garbage can monsters.

1.  Gather Materials:

2. Wrap Yarn around foam ball.  If you find it difficult to keep the yarn from slipping of the ball you may use a dab of hot glue, but if you change directions every 4 or 5 wraps for the first few wraps the yarn should be well anchored.

 3. Put a layer of hot glue in the the tiny trash can and then fill in the extra space.  I used an extra foam ball and some wadded up eyelash yarn to fill the trash can.  The can should be filled almost to the brim so that the head is clearly visible.

4.  Place the head on top of the filling.  Glue it down and glue the lid to the head.
5.Marvel at the cuteness you have created.


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