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--Cat Stevens

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Secrets, deadlines and Wips

I had some major camera issues that prevented me from posting for a few weeks.  These have been solved due to the generosity of rav friends :D.  It is late and I am tired so I am going to keep this brief.  I think I have forgotten at least a couple of my WIPs but I guess you'll see them next week.

I am good at lots of things but there are few things that I am really terrible at  deadlines and secrets.  I can't finish anything to a deadline even one I give myself, and I couldn't keep a secret to save my life.  Secrets make me excited and when I excited I feel like there a million butterflies in my chest and if I don't tell someone they will explode.   I am telling you this because this week I have several secret projects that have failed deadlines to share.

Tiny Amigurumi that I am making up
as I go along
 I have a ton of projects started right now and I feel like they are all in the blackholes.  Most of them were supposed to be gifts for special events that have already occurred.  A couple are gifts for special events that will occur soon.  My sister had a baby July second and I am still working on a blanket for her baby.  Her older daughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 8th and I am still working on a present for her.  I am also still working on a present for the same sister's birthday.
Back of a very special baby blanket that I am working on. 
Hopefully I will get it backed and  mailed soon so you can see it in all its awesomeness.
A special blanket project that I hope will become a self- published pattern soon

My sister's birthday present.  Can you guess what it will be?

And just because I don't have enough crazy in my life.  I started swatching Venus by Aoibhe Ni.


  1. Love your baby blanket. I know how you feel, if I get too many projects going I feel a bit crazy. I'm knitting a little bunny for the first time and it's taking more time than I thought. Just lack the dress. Whew !

  2. Ooo I love the green on that blanket. Looking forward to seeing it progress!

  3. Wow, lots to do!
    Nice to see the progress on your venus shawl - lovely colour :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. Such a lot of WIP, it makes me feel better when I think of all mine, love the baby blanket.
    Clare x

  5. Lots of pretty projects in the works. The blue/green blanket yarn is really gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog today.