If you want to sing out, sing out, and if you want to be free, be free, cause there's a million ways to be, you know that there are.
--Cat Stevens

Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Victories

I think successful lives are made up of lots of little victories.  Major victories are rare and sometimes fall flat of our expectations, but minor victories are always there.   Different things constitute as victories for different people on different days but, what matters is that we keep fighting our dragons.
Today was a good day for me and I needed a way to remember it--so on another day when it seems like it takes all my effort just to get out of bed I can remember my little victories.
Today despite anxieties and people phobia trying to get the best of me I managed to:

  • Call and change my dentist appointment
  • Ride several buses alone 
  • Renew my bus pass
  • Go to Service Canada and get my permanent SIN
  • Swim at the Sports center
  • Plus I managed to swim 3.5 times as many laps as my previous best number of laps before I was too out of breath to swim laps.
So how about you?  What dragons have you managed to conquer/evade today?  I would love to hear about any victories large or small that you might have had recently.

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  1. Hooray for little victories! Those sound like huge victories for me! I love you tons.