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--Cat Stevens

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My first Knitting

Last summer my oldest sister came to visit me.  We went up to my grandfather-in-laws cottage on a beautiful lake up in the mountains, and swam and ate and she taught me to knit!  She learned to knit as a teenager, probably around the same time I learned to crochet, and I have been wanting learn pretty much ever since.  I never got the hang of knitting when I tried to figure it out from books or videos, so it was pretty awesome to finally be able to knit.

Knitting is still insanely more difficult than crocheting for me and it took me a couple moths of practicing the basics and trying to knit things that were too difficult before I started on this simple hat and scarf set.  I finished the scarf in time for Christmas but the hat took me another a month.

They are super basic but I am so proud of them.  I can finally say that I am a knitter!!!!  

Have you ever made a simple project that was a milestone for you?


  1. Nice! I've tried knitting and just can't get the hang of it. Very impressive!

  2. Thanks! That is how I felt about knitting for the longest time and it is still fairly intimidation for me.