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--Cat Stevens

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday's: A Busy day

I will try and keep this short. It's been a busy day. First, here is my hat. Doesn't look like much progress, does it? It's quite an accomplishment actually. Last Thursday I made a mistake and tried to tear back and managed to lose the whole thing. A couple days later while working on the purl rows, I was working far too late and got far too tired and somehow managed to turn the piece three times and had some sort of mess that didn't make any sense. So I pulled out another 5 rows very very carefully. And then reknit them. Somehow I managed in all this debacle to injure my wrist and haven't been able to do as much knitting or crochet as I wanted.

This picture looks almost identical to last weeks, because I have only added a couple rows.
Today, I took a trip to my LYS. I got some Suede Berocco for a wallet for my husband to make. I got this gorgeous Nashua Sitar in the colorway Gypsy Wagon. I plan to make a pair of fingerless gloves in star stitch for a swap.
On a less yarny note, I have been working on redecorating my bedroom. We found this lovely set of bedding on ebay and it arrives this week.

Last but not least I made 4 loaves of not-gluten-free bread for my husband. I put 3 loaves unbaked into the freezer. They will be wrapped in plastic wrap and ziplock bagged. I baked the 4th one . Hopefully now he will have bread for snacks and sandwiches for a while.


  1. I have had project like that. I knitted a sweater I must have started over 4 times.

  2. I hate when I have to frog and lose the whole thing. Great job for starting again.

    Love that Gypsy Wagon yarn.

  3. The rainbow yarn is very intriguing. I love how the colors are all swirled together. It should look great in star stitch.

    The new bedding is very elegant!

  4. I love the candy coloured one, it reminds me a little of rainbow drops :)