If you want to sing out, sing out, and if you want to be free, be free, cause there's a million ways to be, you know that there are.
--Cat Stevens

Friday, July 26, 2013

Everyday Magic

Some of you know that I have spent the last 9 months in a rather boring an intensive french class.  In many ways in was an amazing experience I met many people from all over the world who had moved here to build a better life for their families.  I made friends, learned a new language, and discovered more about the region.  In other ways it was boring, stressful, and downright unpleasant. From this experience I learned something--most things in life are just this way, and it is up to the experiencee to make a meaningful life out of the roller coaster ride.  One of the ways I coped with the unpleasantness of certain parts of the class was to knit or crochet obsessively (often during class ) so I have many finished objects to share with you but I will share a few at a time too keep it from being to overwhelming for both you and.
Hermione the Unicorn by Dawn Toussaint
When I was little  I used to say I wanted to be a dragon when I grew up.  I still do actually the difference is that I know it won't happen.  As much as I wish it were otherwise I have yet to see a dragon, pet a unicorn, or meet a wizard outside my imagination.  Sometimes I search for fairies in the wooded areas and although I have never found one I can't believe that they don't exist.  However dragons and fairies and unicorns are not really what I wanted to talk about.  I have realized that in my desire to find "real" magic in the world, I was missing something more important: everyday magic.

Side view to show off Mane.  

There is a spell of pure joy and peace that is found in learning to love what we already have.  This everyday magic can be found: in the quiet early mornings before everyone wakes, a stolen kiss, long talks with someone you love late at night, in joy of sport, or hidden moments with a ball of string and a couple of sticks.  The laugh of a small child is as a wizard's spell to sorrow, and the wonder of simple hot meal and warm bed can wipe away the weariness of a long day.  Finding the magic in the ordinary is every bit as much an art and science, as the magic  wizards in the fantasies I love practice. 
Finished in Mid-April.  Back view for the mane.
 For example, a few days ago I realized I had stopped listening to music.  I don't know why but I do know that for last few years music listening has been a fleeting occasional sort of thing that I did by accident.  As I child I listened to and made music every chance I got, and I couldn't imagine a world without music.  I have started making time to really listen to music again and you know what music is magic.  Music can spin straw into gold, mend broken hearts and allow a human to fly.  I hate cleaning but just yesterday evening I found myself in my kitchen cooking dinner and cleaning up while listening to music, and guess what I was having a blast!!!  Everything seemed to go by much more quickly.
My favorite new kind of string magic is spinning.  It amazes me that a stick with a little weight on it and a ball of fluff are all it takes to make beautiful yarn, and I am learning quickly, as is evidenced by my most recent creation.
Finished a couple weeks ago. 4ply from mixed wool roving.  About 200yds sock weight.  I am rather absurdly proud of it and have no idea what to do with it.
Last but not least I have finally gotten up the courage to really learn to draw.  I used to love to draw as a child, but was too busy to take art courses as an adolescent. Sometime on the way from then until now I convinced myself that I was no good at it anyway.  I have lately had many ideas and things I wished to draw and design and no way to express them adequately and I determined that it was time to learn to draw.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that although I still have much to learn I am much better at drawing than I thought.
Study in 3-D shapes and shading form a couple days ago.

See my tab on link parties to join me in looking at other great finished projects.


  1. Your unicorn is gorgeous! Interesting about the music thing too, I used to be an avid music lover as well and only recently realised I don't really listen now, I don't make time to. Must change that.

  2. Music and crochet are two of my passions, too. They create my everyday magic.

  3. The unicorn is fantastic! It's ever soo cute.